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 Contemporary Art- Art of Today The current state from the economy and recent boost in unemployment both explain why there are few people buying homes these days. While folks are instructed to stay in their houses, they are searching for solutions to build a new home. Many everyone is taking on redecorating and diy projects daily! The signs of SAD include lethargy, depression, cravings for food, overeating, not enough curiosity about doing anything, moodiness, insomnia or other problems with sleep plus a plethora of other debilitating symptoms. Those who suffer from SAD might have their lives seriously disrupted which could affect their jobs along with their family lives. The good news is these sufferers can get some help from things such as; balanced and healthy diet and use, medication, light therapy and even going for a holiday to somewhere sunny. Botticelli added some distortion when he was creating The Birth of Venus. To see this painting from Venus neck, the proportion in the hair, feet and hands might be a too large. It seems that the painter tended to stress about the image of the spirit. Therefore, the physical expression became less important. Viewed from the lines, specially the lines of Venus cloth are incredibly smooth. In contrast, the lines of Aeolus who sent Venus to sea-shore tend to be more complex with rotation. This shows Botticellis excellent lines depicting techniques. Viewed from the tones, the whole picture is incredibly clear and harmonious. Tranquility and elegance match with the other perfectly and obscure topic hidden behind the mystery. Matisse was created in a town in French in 1869 and not received any painting classes before 20. His father would be a businessman operating hardware and grain, his mother was very love of art. Under the background of business family, Matisse obeyed his fathers arrangement and obtained regulations degree in Paris and served as secretary with a law practice in their hometown after returning. At

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